Further Light for 'The Dark and Light', and 'Mondays'… again!


I am pleased to share that my short film ‘The Dark and light’, which was produced as part of a BFI Bursary Scheme last year, was nominated for the Best Genre Film at the Cinemagic Film Festival 2012.

Cinemagic is a very special festival for me because it is where I won my first every award for my first ever short film END (which is still available online here). So it was great to be welcomed back into the Cinemagic Lineup of sort. I really wished i could have attended this year but was unable to.

The Dark and Light was a really interesting film for me because it was considerably more experimental than the traditional Dan Allen scripted film. I am currently working on developing a script from a very talented writer which i cannot wait to tell you more about. I always see collisions as being more productive than symmetry; that is to say that my interaction with his material could prove extremely exciting. Nonetheless i will always continue to develop my own material and scripts in the wings.

In other news, my short film ‘Mondays’ has been shortlisted on Indiedemand; a greta website which allows viewers to vote for their favourite film, as each one premieres one night at a time. My film will be available on the 9th of December. Ill post a link via my facebook or twitter then. You can see the trailer for all the shortlisted films here: http://www.indiedemand.com

take care and stay tuned,

Dan Allen


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