Audition – The Short Film – An Introduction

Audition Teaser Poster
Audition Teaser Poster

So today i wanted to take the opportunity to formally introduce my latest short film ‘Audition’.

The script was written by Richard Anthony Dunford, who’s previous script ‘Cupidity was Directed by BAFTA winning nominated Michael Ferns.

We have an array of great talent working on the project, from my brother Tom Allen, Director of Photography, to Jamie Weston, Art Director as well as Christopher Hanson who is working on the score. Clive Double on Make-Up and SFX, and Arabella Clarke also on Make-Up whilst Marcel is on sound dept along with Tristan Syrett. Josh Faux is also offering his creative mind and exhaustive efforts to the project as well as woring hard on the film titles! Not to mention the incredible cast!

The film stars Carey Thring (From Hell – starring Johnny Depp) as Beaufort the estranged new film director and Lauren Shotton who played Pansy Parkinson in many of the Harry Potter films. The film also sees the return of Louise Ann Munro who has appeared in two other film’s of mine ‘Husky’ and ‘The Unofficial Minecraft Advert’.

Rather than expalinign the premises of the film herein is the synopsis: “On a cold British evening, Cherry smith goes for an audition at first-time director Beaufort Bladamir’s house, who’s passion for realism pushes the boundaries of cinema, and Cherry herself.”

As with ‘The Karate Kid Complex’, the online delivery will be delayed due to the delivery to several film festivals first, so it wont be online till later this year at the earliest, but the film’s online presence starts now: There will be new behind the scenes videos every month, delivered to my YouTube channel ( ) and via the monthly newsletter which you can sign up to now at which will also feature any news mentioned on this blog. In addition there will be several trailers released, the first of which will be delivered this week (again, via my YouTube or via the Newsletter). If we find ourselves in the position of being able to share the film with the general public sooner then we will jump at the opportunity.

Why sign up to the mailing list? Good question. Especially when it may appear that I have spammed Facebook every now and then. But that is in itself one of the reasons why. For those that have subbed to my YouTube or liked my Facebook page it’s still really easy to either miss key posts such as new films or be overwhelmed when multiple people share the posts at once. The mailing list will result in about one email in your inbox a month, concise and to the point emails sharing great new content. It’s the easiest and most trouble-less way for me to share my current work and for you to know about it. So if you have any interest in my work then please do sign up to the mailing list so I can spend less time attacking Facebook. Http://

For my YouTube people and other techy’s, we shot the film on the Nikon D800, and edited and finished in FCPX – A later behind the scenes video will cover our complete workflow. The behind the scenes videos will be made up of interviews, set footage, outtakes and production diaries! The first one will be out at the end of February! For regular, shorter updates you can always follow my Official Facebook page ( ) or my twitter @asproductions or simply ensuring you are subbed to my YouTube as I often upload blogs there.

There will be some form of launch event (fingers crossed) for the online delivery but we really need help from all of you in sharing the BTS videos and sharing news and updates from Facebook posts, forwarding emails and sending the videos to as many websites as possible. We need you to help run the PR machine of this film because the power of the internet is in community so hopefully, when all is said and done, there will be a film available online for all of you to enjoy for free, reaching a wide audience because we all helped make it so!

Dan Allen


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