2013 Retrospect


Last year I set myself 5 goals; to make a scarier film, to make a big impact online, amongst others…

I think 2013 for me was a good year, but it certainly had room for improvement. I made the film I am most proud of yet, Audition, and whilst I am already developing new projects, the journey for Audition isn’t over yet, and 2014 may just be its year, as much as I hope to make it my own.

The film was released online last month and I couldn’t be happier with the response from those who watched it! My mission will be to spread and share the film with as many new people as possible.

My YouTube channel will continue to mean a lot to me and I will continue to share my work and knowledge with the internet for free. For those that enjoy my tutorials I’d really appreciate it if you take a look at some of my films which is where my work lies as an artist; my tutorials are very much and offspring of my creative film work rather than the other way around. But if you have subscribed for my short films then equally you might find my tutorials and behind the scenes videos insightful.

This year I hope to make two larger scale short films with a slightly more stylistic edge and with more turning, character-orientated plots. Also, my low-budget feature film which I was planning on shooting this summer will be put back a year so I have time to develop a few more unique films that will help better prepare the feature film escapade.

Lets try to put this into a five objectives list again:

  • Produce and Direct two new unique short films

  • Pollish the screenplay for my low-budget feature

  • Attend more events and meet more people

  • Make 2014 the year of Audition

  • Be healthy and concise (Ambiguity intended)

So thanks to everyone that I got to work with in 2013 and everyone that ever watched any of my videos, and thanks also to all of my 25,000 youtube subscribers, lets have an even better and more productive year in 2014.

Dan Allen


  • Charlie Bury January 1, 2014 Reply »

    Sound like good objectives Dan. I really enjoyed watching Audition and have shared it with my friends. All the best!

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