Audition – An Update

Audition Screentest Laurels

Audition has been available for public viewing since December. But in January I took the executive decision to re-upload the film. This is something I had never done and felt incredibly uncomfortable doing. However, the original upload had broken audio levels, which meant that dialogue and music was breaking and crackling because the overall levels were set to high. The film had already amassed over a thousand views and I’d already shared that link as the main link for the film. 

But luckily, what I had been doing was primarily sharing a subdomain:
Because of this, i could easily redirect this domain to the new upload, and I new that ensuring the next thousand viewers experienced the film how it was intended to sound, ultimately went more to me. So i bit the bullet and I re-uploaded, and it just hit 4K views! I haven’t yet taken the old one down, using it as a safety net and directing people to the new link.
Audition has also recently screened at two festivals, Screentest the National Student Film Festival, while being nominated at CineMe for the ‘Set the Scene’ competition.
I’m thrilled with how things are going for Audition thus far and its nice continuing working with two films, at different stages of production, those being ‘Audition’ and ‘Glove Compartment.

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