Glove Compartment – Now Online

I am thrilled to finally be able to share Glove Compartment with the world. It sounds bizarre to say that I am sharing it with the world and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I am reading the viewing statistics on YouTube. For those that don’t know, YouTube provides detailed analytics for each video you upload. So I can see how many people and from what countries (as well as what gender) each individual viewer is. Before you get creeped out, I must inform you this is all anonymous data, but it does allow me to see specific regions and countries where my videos are popular. I’ve always said, I make movies to tell stories and stories have no life without an audience.

Every time somebody clicks play, they are allowing my story to be retold to them, on demand, anywhere in the world. Whilst I love cinema and consider it the ultimate viewing experience, the ability to tell stories directly in peoples homes or to their mobile phones and computers breaks down the congregational pull of cinema but offers a new kind of shared engagement. I have the time and space to engage and respond to viewers, discuss the film, its strengths and weaknesses, with everyone. The development of YouTube, a website I have been a part of since 2007 has allowed for a completely new kind of shared experience of stories. Geographical restrictions and cultural segregations play no part in the obstacle of finding and watching my work. With this, each viewer has their own experience of each of my films, bringing to it as a viewer something new and taking away from the film something different. This opens up the world for discussion that is rich in ideological and cultural differences. But for 13 minutes, what we see is the same.
Thank you for watching and thank you for engaging.
Dan Allen

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