2015 -> 2016

As I look forward to 2016 and back at 2015, I can’t help but feel I am in the most indeterminable phase of my life: I’ve just left university (UEA), I moved back home; I moved to London; I am getting projects off the ground but around a different lifestyle. In a mode of new years resolution, what I want to do is consider three different aspects of me and my life and try to refocus them.

Larger and smaller projects.
I want to focus on a different large project each month and actually further it, rather than having several features I am working on at any given time. I want to set deadlines for my films, and stop the productions fizzling into a meagre finale of ‘I guess that’s about wrapped up then’. Additionally, smaller short form projects deserve the attention of features from production through to delivery. I have neglected the delivery of my last few shorts and want to ensure they are respected.

Hustle and bustle.
Each year I pledge to meet new people and make new connections as some kind of arbitrary progression to my career. This year I want to get my work in front of as many people as possible, that’s a given, but I want to make new filmmaking friends. I want to meet more people from all aspects of production.

I want to focus on me. You may be thinking that for an egotistical person this isn’t much of a resolution, but what I realised at some point last year is that outside of filmmaking my leisurely endeavours weren’t particularly interesting. This year I want to find myself outside of what I love to do. At least by the end of this year I’ll know if theres much to me outside of telling stories about other people.

I think the fact that this blog post is coming at the end of January is evidence of its necessity, as I focus and re-hone my ambitions for this year and set out on my quest. I’ve got some really exciting stories to tell, including some of the most personal I have ever put to paper.

Here are some additional creation goals / milestones I want to set myself:

– Write 5 short films.
– Direct 2 short films
– Direct 3 music videos
– Write 2 feature films
– Write at least one more television episode.

Looking towards a brighter new year.

Dan Allen

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