Love Bitten – Introduction

‘Love Bitten’ started out as an impulsive script off the back of an actual break-up. In a way the making of this movie has been my own vampiric journey, much like Alex’s in the film. Then, as interest in the script grew, things started to move forward. There were several moments throughout pre-production that I thought to myself “I can’t believe I’m actually making this movie”. It’s insanely bizarre. The film starts where every other break-up-movie ends, so there’s an access point to the weird and wonderful which never alienates the audience’s relationship with the protagonist.

Fast forward to the shoot. It’s my birthday. Our lead actor has a sock on his c**k. There’s no other way I’d rather spend the day. Despite the police arriving during one-pivotal-white-van-scene, the shoot was incredibly successful as we worked through 47 slates in the first two days of filming. And the film looked gorgeous.

The film is embellished with cutaways of ‘Nosferatu’, but it never feels like a homage. ‘Love Bitten’ is most certainly its own beast, or rather, demon. It’s referential, but only in a way that shows the inspired mind of Alex.

There’s an innately dark and emotional undertone throughout ‘Love Bitten’. I think this might be the primary link between this film and my previous works.  That, or this is definitely my quarter-life-crises movie.

[vimeo 158571312 w=500 h=209]

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