Forgotten – Theatre Trailer

This month I had the pleasure of being reunited with Cordelia Spence, whom I have worked with before on several theatre trailers for her previous plays ‘The Poisoners’ Pact‘ and ‘The Blacksmith Who Chased The Moon‘. Additionally I got to work again with Thomas Wingfield who stars in my short film ‘Love Bitten‘, as well as Kiara Hawker from the former trailer.

As with my other theatre trailers, I always try to find the film adaptation within each play. With a play as original as this, written by Ray Rumsby, it was exciting and daunting to try and put such prestigious and under-appreciated historic figures on screen. With the brief screen time I get to build, I tried to articulate the emotional intensity of these people’s lives, but focusing on the recognisable: love, hatred, disapproval and defiance.


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