Annually I try to write a New Years blog post which covers both a recap of the previous year and an insight into, or an outline of, the year ahead. Although I had perhaps one of the busiest years last year, my social and online presence has dwindled somewhat. In the light of this, it comes as no surprise that I’m writing this towards the end of January, rather than at the start. 
Having moved home (after finishing university) a year and a half ago, I’m starting to feel more settled. By this, I don’t mean to indicate any establishment of any kind of status quo. I have tried and succeeded of late, to busy myself in the hopes of living fruitfully in human experiences. I have found myself a basis from which I can learn and grow, not as a filmmaker but as a person. I hope also within this frame to respond creatively to the changing world around me. 
Over the past few years I have been consistent in production but have made fewer and fewer films, as a result of a more acute quality control. If something’s not worth saying; I don’t. But I have often spread myself across too many in development. In the wake of this my filmmaking New Years resolution is simple. To do fewer things, better. 
I’ve had the pleasure of editing three feature films of late. Working on feature films has always been a life ambition and to work with the hard-working team at Proportion Productions has been amazing. 
You’ll hear more about my current projects in the near future, whilst I hope to find more time to rejuvenate my YouTube channel and to update my blog. I’ll also cover feature film production from an editing perspective on my YouTube channel soon. 
I’m developing several projects whilst finishing another and am also overseeing a cool new short film. I’m excited to share more about each of these and hope to break the radio silence much much sooner next time.

Here’s to living and creating. 

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